Website Development

When I was approached to take over running our church website, I had two major reservations.  My first concern was that I would not be able to match the high standards that the previous web master had set and the second was my availably.

A little history....

Ian set up the web site originally. As a Professional Web Developer he was able to provided the Church with a really impressive site. Ian was passionate about the work he did for our Church and the results showed in the quality of the website.

When Ian and Heather moved, I was approached to run the site. I am no web developer and knew that I would not be able to keep up the same commitment as Ian had done.

After a lot of prayer an idea formed! Could we have a community website using a content management system. This would let me concentrate on the technical software (which is where I am more comfortable) and the body of the Church to update the content.

So the experiment started. I had a long discussion with David about how we could split the work and manage the site. I would set up the software and David would lead the site content.

So we set to work.

I investigated a few Website Content Management Systems and decided to implement Drupal. This follows my own ethos of using Open Source Software.

Software requirements:

  • Must be able to back up and restore the content.

  • Must be as easy as possible to update the content. (as easy as sending an email)

  • A calendar would be really important.

  • Revision controls would be useful.

Can our Church have a community driven web site? Will it work? Will lots of the Church get involved? Will the content be kept up to date?  I hope so and I think it might just work because David and myself have had an awesome time of fellowship just getting this far.





So it's Saturday 9th April 2011 and we have completed the first training course.

How did it go, I hear you ask.

Very, Very Well.  I feel we are off to a good start.

Thanks to everyone who attended for giving up their time. 

Right is the middle BANG! An new super idea.... a page where we can all add pastoral notes to.

Brilliant!  This proves the training was a success as the church is driving the ideas behind the site.