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Ministers Letter June 2019

Apologies The letter below was late arriving due to oversight.

I am writing this somewhat early for the June Newsletters but better early than late.

It is the week after Easter, we have had St Georges Day, the anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth and death day, and the Queens Birthday, her 93rd. Plenty of things to celebrate, but nothing more important than Easter and I hope that we all found its celebration a positive experience in our faith journey.

Celebrations are good occasions and are held for many reasons. The next one within the life of the Church is Pentecost; this year it is on June 9th, one day after the Queen’s official birthday. 

Pentecost is often seen as the birth of Christ’s Church. Jesus wants the Church to express His love for the world to the world. Over the years the Church has not always been good at doing this and in particular we have not always been good in showing love for others Christians. 

I rejoice that in the main the days of antagonism between denominations and congregations are over and around the country the different Church congregations do so much together.

On the day of Pentecost the people around Jerusalem heard the message of God in their own language regardless of where they came from - just read Acts 2.

What the Church of the 21st Century is not always good at is speaking to the community in a language that all parts of it can understand. There is, however, one universal language the language of love.

May we learn this language and project it in deed and word that there will be great rejoicing as many shall come to faith as at that first Christian Pentecost.