No Strings Attached

“No Strings Attached” Puppet Ministry

Founded in 2008 our puppet ministry team regularly lead worship, whether it’s a family service or just during the JClub time at the start of each service. The team has developed a tremendous reputaion around the Vale of Stour Circuit and has recently been invited to take part in the secular celebrations in the local area of Cradley.

The team comprises a good cross-section of members of the JClub, whether as puppeteers, voices, organisers or “props” people. If you would like to join us in any way, please contact one of our members

We have started to produce a quarterly newsletter about our activities. A copy of the info has been put on ourt newsletters page.


Future Events

We have just had 2 successful harvest services for 2018 (at Dudley Wood and St John's Brockmoor) and will be hopfuly using the new harvest service at Providence in 2019

Plenty of slots still to be filled - please get in touch.

Our services include:


Through the Bible




Neightivity and Eeeaaater (work best if seen in order)

Christmas Carol service


plus a couple more (will update later) and we are always writing more

We are hoping to video most of our services and events for our training purposes.

Others still to be planned. We will post them up here as soon as we have full details.

if you would like to book us or even join the team, then contact us at 'nsa' (note remove the space). We can make use of anyone, whatever your skills (not just to operate puppets). 

Please pray for us and our work. If you would like to donate to further the work of the team, please get in touch