Groups / Activities

J Club

We have a vibrant section for young people at Providence - a significant number of youngsters of all ages, and a good number of leaders who support our work.

Each Sunday morning the J Club joins the main church for the first part of the worship up in church before leaving to have it own time of worship.

We usually begin our worship in song and prayer before having a game or a story. After that we go to our groups for bible study, or to prepare for a forthcoming service. After the groups we all join together for our closing prayers.

J Club comprises "little j", "big J" and "J2Go"


What’s Next

The “think tank” for planning and organising church events, it holds regular fellowship meetings and reports to the Worship & Mission Committee. Please feel free to join us - everyone is welcome.


Monday Fellowship

Meets fortnightly on Monday mornings - each meeting being to a set theme devised by the leader Elsie Cartwright.

The Ladies Fellowship has become the Monday Fellowship as it has invited the members of the Brighter Hour to join with them.

Movement To Music

Meets each Monday 1:30 Community event all welcome Just turn up ask for one of the Carol's


Lunch Club

1st Tuesday in the month  12:30 for 1pm  2 course hot lunch with tea or coffee + Speaker [Community Event all Welcome ]

Worship Group

The Worship Group comprises:

Frank Hackett - guitar & vocals

Chris Lune - vocals

Margie Rudge - piano

 Frank & Chris are qualified Worship Leaders.

The group leads our Call to Worship each Sunday morning and also plays during services.


“No Strings Attached” Puppet Ministry

Founded in 2008 our puppet ministry team regularly lead worship, whether it’s a family service or just during the JClub time at the start of each service. The team has developed a tremendous reputaion around the Vale of Stour Circuit and has recently been invited to take part in the secular celebrations in the local area of Cradley.

The team comprises a good cross-section of members of the JClub, whether as puppeteers, voices, organisers or “props” people.